Курс тайского бата к доллару =
Курс тайского бата к доллару =
Community manager (Russian)
Сфера деятельности:it и работа в интернете
Город: Pattaya
Зарплата (бат.): % on sales
Описание вакансии: Anchor Space is the first coworking space in Pattaya. Our customers are dynamic, young and innovating freelancers and start up. Join our crew and be part of the exiting adventure of Anchor coworking space. Job Description •Manage day-to-day activities on social media platforms (Facebook, Vkontack …) in Russian •Update our blog and web site in Russian •Promote our business Job information • about 5h per week • % on sales • Membership to Anchor Coworking Space offered.
Организация/Фирма: Anchor Coworking Space
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Maksim #  26 ноября 2013 в 07:18
Hello Dear... I will tell a little about myself. My name Chegodaykin Maxim. I am 35 years old. I am not married, no children I have. I am the citizen of the Russian Federation. Was born in the city of St. Petersburg. Education average-special, profession psychology. I live in Bangkok more than a year. English I know on an average, conversational level, daily I practise the knowledge. Thai language I will study as I plan to live and work at the territory of Thailand constantly. More than 10 years I worked in the large company in the automobile business, connected with sale and purchase of automobile and cargo vehicles of any brands, I know about cars and automobile business all. But to my regret I have not a wide experience in real estate. I look for for myself permanent and stable job in the sphere of a purchase, sale and real estate lease in any place in the territory of Thailand. I consider this work interesting to myself and I am ready to make all the efforts for my future employers that my company would develop and had many clients from the Russian Federation and not only. At present I am in Russia for short time and I plan to return back to the country of smiles at the end of November if you offer me permanent, official and stable job in your company, I am ready to return and start to work immediately. I have many ideas and communications in Russia, I am ready many and to work fairly at my new employers that my new company would develop and prospered in the real estate market. I am able and love to work in team, quickly we train and I am not stress-resistant, I am an athlete without addictions. If the complete information about me is necessary for you, the summary, documents, photos or any other information, I will provide to you on the first demand of. Huge to you thanks for your attention to me, very much I hope for mutual cooperation. Very much I wait for the answer, thanks. Yours faithfully Maxim.+79045554369
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