Курс тайского бата к доллару =
Курс тайского бата к доллару =
Community manager & receptionist (Thai national only)
Сфера деятельности:маркетинг и реклама
Город: Pattaya
Описание вакансии: Community manager and receptionist Anchor Space is the first coworking space in Pattaya. Our customers are dynamic, young and innovating freelancers and start up. Join our crew and be part of the exiting adventure of Anchor coworking space. Job Description • Manage day-to-day activities on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter …) in Thai and English. • Update our blog and web site in Thai and English. • Welcoming and taking care of customers. • Manage contract and appointment. Qualifications • Female Thai nationality. • English speak/read/write - business level. • Good computer skill. • Able to work flexible hours and on weekends. • Positive attitude and good communication skills. Job information • 6 days / 8 hours. • 14000 THB per month.
Организация/Фирма: Anchor Coworking Space
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